1. Try Paragliding

With its otherworldly views and steady drafts up the hills, Kas is a challenging but beautiful place to paraglide. In addition to the fantastic coastal landscape, you might even spot local wildlife roaming the hills. In the summer months there are up to 5-6 flights per day. Paragliding is becoming increasingly popular in Kas among adventure-seeking holiday makers and those who just can’t refuse an amazing view.

2. Take a Day Trip to Greece

The seaside town of Kas lies just 5 km across the water from Greece’s easternmost island, called Meis or Castellorizo. In Kas, you’re just a ferry ride away from spending the day in a whole other country. The town of Castellorizo, named ‘Crimson Castle’ by the Italians who once occupied the island, is a quiet, charming Greek fishing village. The island is full of endless surprises: beautifully constructed churches, the local museum, and of course the namesake of the island, the fortress, are definite must-sees. Enjoy a nice strong Greek beverage and some tasty seafood before heading back to Kas on the 30 minute afternoon ferry.

3. Explore the Underwater Ruins of Kekova

Just a short drive away from Kas you’ll find one of the most popular destinations of the region, the sunken city of Kekova. This ancient city was submerged after earthquakes thousands of years ago, but still remains well preserved for visitors today. Gliding over the shimmering stone ruins is truly an unforgettable experience. The best way to visit Kekova is either with a bus or transfer to the village of Ucagiz, or a full day boat trip during which you can take in all the region has to offer.

4. Spend the Day in Limanagzi

Limanagzi is a sheltered cove assessable only by boat or on foot. Located in close proximity to Kas, during the summer, small ferries run from the Kas harbor to Limanagzi multiple times a day. If you don’t mind getting a little exercise, you can also reach the bay via a 3-4 kilometer long section of the Lycian Way. Thanks to its inaccessibility, Limanagzi remains peaceful even during the busy season. It’s the perfect place to spend the day relaxing in the sea and sun.

5. Try Scuba Diving

With an outstandingly diverse underwater habitat, Kas is one of the best places in the whole Mediterranean to scuba dive. You’ll witness shipwrecks, canyons, and an endless variety of sea life. With multiple companies offering dives suited to everyone, from complete beginners to professional divers, diving is a great way to experience the underwater landscape and liven up any holiday.

6. Wander Around Town

The town of Kas itself has much to offer in terms of history, scenery, shopping, and eating. It’s hard for any traveler to miss the eclectic shops and cafes that line the narrow streets of Kas, but there’s also extensive ancient ruins scattered around town. Be sure to visit the ancient theatre which is especially beautiful lit up at night. There are also multiple Lycian sarcophagi that definitely deserve a photograph!

7. Visit Kaputas Beach

One of the most dramatically picturesque beaches in the whole region and maybe all of Turkey is Kaputas, just a 20 minute drive from Kas. Surrounded by rocky cliffs and home to seemingly impossibly clear waters, the white sands of Kaputas are more than worthy of a visit. Watch the color of the water change as the fresh mountain stream blends into the sea and take timeless pictures to remember your visit to Kaputas.

8. Hike Up to a Viewpoint for the Sunset

Kas is located on the Lycian Way, a hiking trail snaking its way across over 500 kilometers of the Turkish countryside. The section heading up into the mountains from Kas may be steep, but for those who don’t mind breaking a little sweat, some of the most incredible aerial views of Kas can be seen from the top of this 2 kilometer footpath. Head up near sunset for a scene you will never forget!

9. Marvel at Ancient Ruins

Kas is part of the region known as Lycia in ancient times and even today is veritably surrounded by ancient cities. Whether it’s the impressive stone structures of Xanthos, the rock-cut tombs of Myra, the semi-submerged buildings of Andriake, or the mountain-top marble of Arycanda, no visit to Kas is complete without exploring some of the nearby ancient cities.

10. Take a Boat Trip

The best way to take advantage of the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean is by spending a day out at sea. The islands and sheltered coves surround Kas hold many surprises, all which can be experienced on a boat trip. What could be better than spending the day swimming in remote bays, snorkeling amongst the colorful fish, and soaking up the sun on the boat deck? As one of the most popular activities in Kas, boat trips are a great way to relax and learn about the region at the same time.