Kas, the quiet Mediterranean fishing town turned sought-after holiday destination, is surrounded by some of the most picturesque beaches you’ll find anywhere. The smooth pebbles of these beaches reflect the warm summer sun back up through the cool turquoise waters of Kas as holiday-goers swim their stresses away and child play contentedly along the seaside. With beaches both within short walking distance from Kas’s quaint and homey hotels, and dramatically scenic bays just short drives or boat rides away, we can’t think of a better place to spend a week relaxing on the beach.

Just minutes away from the shop and café-lined cobblestone streets of Kas, you’ll find ‘Small Pebble Beach’, hidden away between two beach club/restaurants to the left of the harbor. Its waters cold even during the scoring months of summer, this is the perfect place for a quick midday cool down, or a refreshing way to wake up in the morning. Thanks to its proximity to the town square, this is most easily assessable beach on our list.

If you’re looking for a beach to spend the day that’s still in walking distance to Kas, head just 1.5 km past the harbor towards the crystal clear waters of ‘Big Pebble Beach’. Surrounded on three sides by rocky, brush-covered hills, you’ll forget the stresses of the world after swimming out just a few meters. Thanks to its composition of pebbles and sheltered location, the waters of Big Pebble are the most beautiful shade of clear blue and remain calm enough for the whole family to swim. With a couple cafes offering beach chair, umbrellas, snacks, and bathroom facilities, this is a great place to spend a relaxing day in the sun before a scenic walk along the waterfront back to Kas.

Only assessable by boat or on foot, just a bit further out is Kas’s famous Limanagzi Bay. With stunning shallow waters that seem to go on forever and the peace and quiet that come with a lack of road access, Limanagzi is what dreams are made of. Spend hours swimming in the calm waters, enjoying some refreshments in the cafes that line the waterfront, relax or read under the tranquil Mediterranean sun, or try to spot one of the sea turtles that flock to Limanagzi, the holiday makers of the sea. And be sure not to leave without a picture of the nearby rock-carved tombs! You can get to Limanagzi with one of the ferries departing from the Kas harbor (frequent during the summer), via private boat tour, or with a short 3-4 km hike along the famed Lycian Way.

Heading in the opposite direction, towards the hotels of the Cukurbag Peninsula, you’ll find Incebogaz Beach. At the most narrow point connecting the Peninsula to the Kas mainland, Incebogaz is actually made up of two beaches on either side of the road. To your right you’ll find a small beach with calm waters and a café offering beach chairs and snacks. To the left lies another pebble beach with a stunning view out overlooking the island of Meis and far out into the Mediterranean. Just 2.5 km from the center of Kas, Incebogaz is another great option for an afternoon on the beach.

Located on the main road between Kas and Kalkan, the beach of Kaputas, thanks to its dramatic location, is one of the best known beaches in all of Turkey. It will be worth the steep walk down the seemingly endless flight of stairs one you reach to white sands and calming sound of the waves hitting the shore. Surrounded by dramatic rocky cliffs and harboring some of the clearest turquoise waters, Kaputas is a stunningly picturesque beach not to be missed.

Another option perfect for the adventurous traveler is the beach of Firnaz. Located less than 10 kilometers from Kalkan, this beach is only assessable by boat or on foot. The hike to Firnaz passes an ancient aqueduct; the large fitted stone blocks which once carried water down from the mountain to the city of Patara are a marvel of Roman engineering. After just a kilometer of gorgeous hiking, you’ll find yourself in the quiet waters of Firnaz, with only the occasional participants of a boat tour or two to keep you company. For a day of both sightseeing and swimming, you can’t beat this beach.

The beach of Patara, with its largely intact Lycian ruins and 12 kilometers of beautiful white sands is worth the 30 minute drive from Kas. After paying the small entrance fee, you’ll have to whole day to explore all that the National Park of Patara has to offer. Walk through the extensive ruins of the ancient city, swim and play in the warm waters, hike up to the top of the sand dunes for an unforgettable view of the sea and backdrop of mountains, or try one of the many activities available like horseback riding or an ATV tour. One of the longest beaches in the regions, the soft sands of Patara offer something for everyone, a perfect day out for the whole family.